Treat yourself to a great tasting experience
Do try everything, meet the producers, taste our dishes together with our wines... and share everything with your friends !
Good living, good food
Just try and give in ! In our land of vineyards, the  wine is good, but  is even better when complimenting dishes from our great culinary tradition.  Find out by trying just everything  !
Strolling around the countryside,  on the markets or at the restaurant, taste the flavours and savours of our local products.  Whether in a country pub or at a starred chef’s table, you will enjoy  their savoury specialties: foies gras, duck confits, charcuteries, cheese and wine of course …  local products, pure delight  !

Quality labels
Now, you can’t deny that a label is a guarantee of quality. The Tarn farmers, breeders, wine-makers, restautant owners are proud of their savoir-faire, of their products and determined to achieve excellence : Bistrots de pays  (traditional pubs), Cuisines Gourmandes, Saveurs du Tarn, Tables et Auberges... Do sit down to eat, take your time at café and restaurant terraces .. experience great living ! Be aware or else you may get addicted …

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Tarn is the country of great outdoors activities. 3500 km of hiking tracks, bikes tours, horse riding, climbing, and many others things to do in a wonderful green landscape. Enjoy nature, practice sports and relax.


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