The oldest vineyard in France

A 2000-year history
The oldest vineyard in France
Red, white, perlé wines....
The passion of a winemaker
The city of Gaillac was named after Galus, the Latin word for Rooster, unless it might have come from the ancient Gallo-Roman Galhac, meaning fertile 
The city  was built in 972, but the vineyard itself was planted by the Romans in the first century before Christ.  It was not until the Middle Ages that it was efficiently cared for by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey Saint Michel in Gaillac when they  started producing a quality wine. In the 17th century, Gaillac wines were identified as « les Vins du Coq », all the casks being hot-branded with the label.  Over the centuries, Gaillac wines gained significant notoriety all over Europe.
Gaillac is the oldest French vineyard ! Montans, a neighbouring town of Gaillac, used to be a famous pottery centre in the 2nd century. Remains of  ancient amphoras have been traced back from Southern Spain up to Northern Scotland,  which shows that Gaillac wines already sold very well outside France !
In 1938, the Gaillac vineyard was among the first to gain an AOC label (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée or Registered designation of Origin) , a guarantee of character and quality. Today, it is one of the best messengers of our South-West art of good living !
On the Left Bank terraces : stone, gravel, sand and boulbene soils, perfect for red varieties:  wonderful deep colour, generous, with candied fruit, redcurrant and spicy aromas. Powerful on the palate, dense, full-bodied with round tannins. These rich wines with character can easily be kept 4 to 5 years.
On the Right Bank hillsides: south facing clayey limestone soils produce red wines of the Duras and  Syrah varieties  full-bodied , with an harmonious  balance between their spicy flavour and the wilder fragrance of Braucol.
On the Cordes Plateau: clayey limestone soils with high content of active limestone give the wines fruit aromas, finesse and character. The mix of climates and soils produces elegant and refined wines.
The AOC Gaillac  wines offer an extraordinary variety: red, primeur, rosé, dry white, sweet white, perlé and sparkling wines. Stop by a cellar or a «chai»(storehouse) and try an elegant touch here, a  more intensely fragrant bouquet there or unexpected red fruit aromas farther on. 

Amazing white varieties:  len-de-l'el (loin de l’œil 100% Gaillac) ,  mauzac, muscadelle and sauvignon.

Powerful red varieties:  duras, braucol (or fer servadou),  syrah,  prunelard (100% Gaillac).

The vineyard spreads over 3 500 hectares and produces 20 million bottles, from Cordes to Rabastens, going as far as the neighbouring hillsides of Albi. 

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