Leather… feels so good on the skin

Leather… feels so good on the skin
Generations of leather craftsmen
From tanning…
Just for the record, the name Graulhet is said to have originated from granhola, i.e frogs swarming by thousands back to the Middle Ages in the neighbouring swamps.
Leather tanning and dressing developed at Graulhet in the 17th  century, an era of economic prosperity for the area. At the golden age of pastel the town grew along with the development of leather crafts:  tanners, leather merchants, dressers and  Graulhet became worlwide known for the quality of its tanning. Today, the Maison des métiers du cuir (the Leather Centre) traces this extraordinary adventure.

… to « haute couture »
Travel back to those great days at the « Maison des métiers du cuir »(Leather Centre) set in old factory buildings: exhibitions, traditional tools, workshops, courses … you will learn everything about turning hide into leather.
Today , even if the leather industry is no longer that large, some leather craftsmen have stayed and specialized into new products such as the « cuir strech » for the haute couture.

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