Shhh...listen to the forest
What if I told you about the forest…
Walk into the forests of Grésigne or of Sivens, you are entering another world…

In the forest
Forests have played a major part in the economic development of the Tarn : wood was used to heat the potters’ kilns or  glass furnaces, to build supports for the Carmaux mines, to make barrels… Today, they are being preserved and are home to  protected rare fauna and flora.
The Sivens forest
This beautiful  forest is located between  Gaillac and Salvagnac, the right sort of place for an open air outing with your family!
It is a forest of oak and chestnut trees, of beeches, hornbeams and a few conifers.  It has been developed to the benefit of the public to help them discoverthe forest ecosystem:  interpretation tablets set along the hiking paths, a permanent orientation discovery  trail, mountain bike trails, and picnic areas. 
The Grésigne forest
Named after the expression « The bleeding sandstone", so deep red is the ground !
It is the largest oak forest in Midi-Pyrénées, spreading over 3600 hectares and neighbouring  4000 hectaresof privately-owned forests.  The Grésigne forest is mainly sessile oaks  (80%), beeches, hornbeams and conifers. Prehistoric men built some of their dolmens and  menhirs there. It shelters  beetles (coleoptera) and rare birds of prey.
Unusual : the yearly time of coupling for stags and does takes place between the 15th of  September and  20th of October. Why not go on a deer rut night walk accompanied by a guide ?
Once in a lifetime,  thrilling and awesome!

Unusual and not to be missed in autumn : a deer rut night walk ! (sept 15 - oct 20)

Accompanied by Alain Massol, a guide and forest expert, go and look for the stags, listen to their mating chant...

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Tarn is the country of great outdoors activities. 3500 km of hiking tracks, bikes tours, horse riding, climbing, and many others things to do in a wonderful green landscape. Enjoy nature, practice sports and relax.


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