Dovecotes by the thousands

feathered houses
Dovecotes by the thousands
I paint them to capture their beauty
Another landmark of the South-West!

 Albi, Gaillac, Toulouse dovecotes ... cylindrical or square dovecotes built on pillars or on arcades... walking our footpaths, you will come across dozens of them!

Contrary to the French Northern provinces, where only the aristocracy was entitled to own a dovecote, in Languedoc, peasants could be granted the "Fa colombie" right against the payment of 20 “deniers”. Doves were raised for their meat and their droppings (colombine) were used as fertiliser.
Which explains the 1700 or so dovecotes in the Tarn region, particularly around  Gaillac.
Find them out, you can even spend a night in some of them ! 

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