Ceramics and pottery

Ceramics and pottery
A land of artists
Glazed poteries
Ceramics and pottery have long been rooted in Giroussens, today, craftsmen and artists are still bringing clay to life.
An age-old art
Ceramics and pottery have long been rooted in Giroussens. This ancient walled-in town built at the end of the 8th century. Before the Revolution, the small town was thriving on pottery-making thanks to the number of potters who had settled on the outskirts of the neighbouring forest, taking advantage of the right of using the forest wood to heat their kilns
Until the 18th century, they had built their notoriety by producing yellow, green and blue lead-glazed dishes and plates in the Italian manner .

Contemporary artists
There are still a number of very active and creative ceramists today at Giroussens.
Since  2000, the ceramics centre specialized in contemporary ceramics  exhibits works from famous artists. These exhibitions have since then highlighted  the wealth and dynamism of contemporary work and attracted  a great number of amateurs and art collectors.
At the Rabastens museum  you will find a large collection of ancient glazed potteries from Giroussens.
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